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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your products made to order?

Many of our stationery and apparel items are made to order and we often get many questions as to the reasoning behind this.  First - we are a small business.  Many of our stationery items are made in house - things like our stickers, sticker sheets, etc.  Being a "made to order" company for select items gives us the opportunity to put our special touch on each order - while offering you the best quality control we have available. 

What about your apparel items?  Our apparel items are all made to order and we have good reason for such. With each purchase you make - you have a choice to select the size of your product, the print, etc.  You also have the choice on the size of mark you leave on the planet.  Did you know that around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills?  Yes - you read that correctly... 85%!  This makes textiles the major contributor to environmental damage.  One in every 5 garments reaches a landfill without being worn - not even once.  That's crazy!  By choosing made-to-order (print on demand) you are choosing apparel that's created only as the order is placed, creating less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.

Why don't you offer refunds, returns or exchanges?

As we stated in the previous question - our items are made to order.  Especially our apparel, bags, footwear (any type of clothing or accessory item). Because of this - we are unable to accept returns, exchanges, refunds if you changed your mind after receiving your order.  Before placing your order... be sure to look over your sizing, etc.  We do our best to ensure that each product we sell on our site has a sizing chart as well as a notation whether an item may be cut "true to size", "small", or "large".  Read your description carefully.  We DO NOT offer or accept returns, exchanges or refunds on items ordered that was at the error of the customer.  However - if you received an item that was not what you ordered specifically.  Please visit our contact page and reach out to us. 

Why do some of the items in your store have an expensive shipping cost? 

Many of our items may have a shipping cost of $20 or more.  These particular items are larger and our print provider charges accordingly.  Some of these items are also shipped from outside of the United States and therefore there may be additional fees for shipment and customs.

When I received my order, the DHL or USPS Shipping Labels list a Price that is more or less than what I paid.  What is this?   

To ensure that items arrive accordingly, we will often times pay an additional customs fee (for items printed and shipped overseas) and that is listed on your shipping label.  Rest assured that your item will not have the price of your products listed on the package so if giving as a gift, your recipient will not know the price you paid.

A Washi Tape I ordered previously is sold out - will it be stocked again?

All of our washi tape is printed in batches.  If a design is popular - when it sells out, we may do another run thereafter.  There is no guarantee that a washi tape design will return once it sells out - so if there's one you like, we suggest grabbing it if you can. 

Do you offer Wholesale?

We are in the process of offering wholesale through Faire, however - we do work with various retailers with wholesale costs.  Please feel free to email us at or use the contact page to reach out to us for more details or to inquire.

Can I order items in bulk?  I need a certain amount of the same item for an event, etc.

We do offer this option depending on the product you are inquiring about.  In order to qualify for a bulk order - you must order a minimum amount of the same design and product.  If this is an apparel item - you can order various sizes and it will qualify for the bulk order if it is the same type, product and design.  Please contact us to discuss.