Rare Breed Apparel is a brand that offers a unique twist to Hawaiian Street Wear and Culture.  The name "Rare Breed" was chosen as a way to take a phrase Honey was raised with "We are a Rare Breed" and turn it into a brand that provided a legacy for her 'ohana (family).  

Originally started in 2008, Rare Breed began as a small business that printed items over the years on a "as needed" basis, but it was never far from Honey's heart. While it took a backseat to everything else she was working on at that moment, she knew she wanted to get it started again.  After her father passed in 2017, Honey realized that life is too short to wait for it to be the "right time" and decided she needed to resurrect Rare Breed once again.  The phrase "WE ARE A RARE BREED" was something her dad used to say to her growing up.  He used to say that it didn't matter what color our skin was, because we are all GOLD.  Honey wanted to take that inspiration and use it to develop a brand that would embrace who we are.  We are different and unique.  We are designed with greatness in mind. We are more than just color and race, and we must perpetuate our culture and our way of living so that this rare breed will live on forever.

RARE BREED as defined by the English Dictionary: a person or thing with characteristics that are uncommon among their kind; a rarity.

RARE BREED as defined by the Urban Dictionary:  A person who is different and unique from all. A rare breed is special and stands out from everyone. Rare breeds outshine all around them and are destined for greatness. Rare breeds are usually beautiful and are unique in style and fashion.

The inspiration behind Rare Breed, Honey's Dad - Richie.



Behind Rare Breed Apparel is Honey Kaho'ohanohano (Honey Girl), her husband Kevin and their 3 sons - Kevin Ka'eo, Luke and Isaiah.  The ideas and the creations are a collaborative effort between the five of them, while Honey does most of the graphics and illustrations for the designs you see on the apparel and stationery.  Rare Breed literally is 14+ years in the making and it's awesome to see the designs live and in action.  


Honey Kaho'ohanohano is the main face you'll see behind Rare Breed.  She stepped away from Corporate life 14 years ago to raise her sons but has always had a passion for creativity.  Many know Honey as the face and owner of - an award-winning Lifestyle and Beauty blog.  But outside of her internet personality, Honey is a creative soul at heart.  When not spending her time with her favorite guys (her Husband Kevin and three sons),  volunteering at her sons' schools, working full time for Honeygirl's World or creating jewelry and stationery pieces, Honey's designing for Rare Breed.  She has been working on adding her illustrations to the unique pieces offered here as well.  The art you see on the stationery, stickers and apparel are all done by Honey.