Collection: Palaka Collection

Palaka print is a checkered pattern that finds its origin in Hawaiʻi in the early 20th century.  This particular print was inspired by the plantation workers, cowboys (Paniolo), and stevedores who were looking for durable workwear that was breathable.  The Palaka print is also known as Hawaiian denim and over the years has become a pattern/print found on different types of garments worn by both men & women.

The palaka print symbolizes the unity and endurance of the people of Hawaiʻi - many of whom came across the Pacific to labor in the pineapple and sugar cane fields.  Traditionally made of a two-color yarn-dyed plaid with original colors being white with blue, brown, or red as the secondary colors.

The rough translation of Palaka is Frock - which references the loose-fitting shirts once worn by American and British sailors.  

Our Palaka Collection features a variety of different ways with patterns that were created by Honey.  While lines and stripes are quite simple to do, each line placement paired with any illustrations were selected by Honey for a unique twist on the pattern we come to love here in the 808 state.