Collection: Maui Strong Collection

Together, We Can Overcome! As many of you know, Maui experienced much loss and devastation on August 8th, 2023. Many of my family members and friends were affected greatly by the Maui Fires, both in Lahaina and Upcountry. My childhood home and school in Lahaina also burned to the grown and loved ones are still unaccounted for. Now, more than a week after the fires swept through Lahaina town, I have family in Law Enforcement as well as National Guard doing Recovery. Many many people were affected. Because of this - I decided I would design stickers & apparel featuring my illustrations of the Lokelani Flower (the Damask Rose). ALL Proceeds from T-SHIRTS & Stickers SOLD will be donated to the families with individual Go Fund Me and Venmo accounts that were affected by the fires. Each account will be vetted prior to donation and I will be splitting the proceeds equally amongst the accounts of friends and families who are in need and those I know personally.

I am doing this because this is the best way I know how. Your sales through other portions of the site are also being donated up to a specific date - but this particular Maui Strong Collection will go towards those in need as long as it is listed for sale. Please be sure to visit my website for information on other places that you can donate to directly if you choose to go that route instead.