Daisy Phone Wallpaper - February (Pepeluali) Freebie
Daisy Phone Wallpaper - February (Pepeluali) Freebie

Daisy Phone Wallpaper - February (Pepeluali) Freebie

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Aloha Fam!  For the month of February (Pepeluali), we are giving away 2 free digital phone wallpapers featuring our Purple Daisy FlowerDesign.  Choose your favorite and switch out your phone wallpaper as you wish.  You will receive one that has the calendar for December and one without a calendar that you can use whenever you wish, long after the month is over.  After adding this listing to your cart and checking out (the price will be zero), you'll receive a ZIP File with all three files to use.

We went with the Daisy designs because of the colors that it represented.  Pink and purple tones remind us of Valentine's Day and the month of love. The illustrations and watercolor backgrounds are done by Honey.  Wishing you all the best this February and Valentine's Day.

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